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Our site is the small revolution on pantyhose market. Shemales were never seen wearing pantyhose before, and it is about time to begin. We have 25000 pictures and 10 hours of video featuring some of the most beautiful Latin America and Asian shemales, all wearing pantyhose and playing with their nylon covered dicks. Themes covered range from solo sets to hardcore sex with guys and girls; also you're gonna see shemales masturbating and cumming all over their pantyhose. Most of our sets are striptease like. At first you see the stunningly beautiful girl, then she slowly gets undressed until… whoops…

There are hundreds of shemale sites around the web, some of them are good and some of them are not, but there is not a single site featuring shemales in pantyhose. For pantyhose lovers this is a unique opportunity to step into the “taboo” area, to indulge the fantasies you were nursing for years. For shemale lovers who frequent shemale sites that is no less unique opportunity to look what shemales look like when they’re in pantyhose (and believe me, they look cool!). The sight of nylon covered dick is absolutely unforgettable. Once you’re at it, you’ll only want more and more.

Shemale sex
Shemale sex

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WiredShemales is a site that has two unique features. First unique feature is that we focus exclusively on hardcore shemale sex. Seasoned shemale lovers know that most shemale sites have only small (if any) hardcore shemale sex sections, while the bulk of the pictures are softcore. That's not the case here, all of our pictures and videos are hardcore, and we have tons of them. Second unique feature is that every our picture or video set is a story, some interesting scenario featuring shemale action. Shemales having sex with men; shemales having sex with women; "surprise" style scenarios; first time fantasies; dominant and submissive shemales; lots of oral and anal actions; costumed shoots; adventures in the offices, living rooms, classes and many other locations; and much much more. We photographed and videotaped virtually any fantasy shemale lovers dream of.

Browsing our galleries is a breathtaking adventure - the whole lot of different situations, scenarios, costumes and locations are for your viewing pleasure. Our models are not just doing mechanical job of fucking each other - they're acting to make the story interesting and believable. This concept is truly new and fresh for the shemales niche and we're sure you'll like it!

Shemale sex
Shemale sex

After you was a member of our site world will never be the same for you. Shemale adventures we shoot are taking place everywhere - in the offices, universities, hospitals, construction sites, cafes, you name it. No matter where you will be, after browsing hundredth of our picture and video galleries you'll keep guessing if this nice looking girl has a rock hard, big and throbbing surprise hidden in her panties. We have lots of costumed fantasies as well, including even some historical ones. Shemales in Roman Empire? No problem, just click the appropriate gallery. Shemales in ancient Egypt? Sure, just click another gallery and we'll switch you 5000 years back to see pharaons toying with their beatiful shemales. If this seems a bit far fetched to you no problem, there are plenty of more conservative shoots available. The team behind WiredShemales is a group of dedicated shemale lovers that nursed the idea of this project for years and finally got adequate funding from a big adult entertainment company. We were spending their money like crazy to serve a feast table for our fellow shemale lovers where every one will find plenty of everything for himself.

There are 25000 pictures and 40 hours of videos in our collection right now, all of them absolutely new and exclusive. We shoot all our pictures and videos ourselves, so you're not risking paying for what you've already seen before. You'll get 100% your money's worth and some change. Our site is updated bi-weekly, and most important is that we photograph and videotape what our customers want! Our collection of different shemale fantasies is huge, but if you feel something is missing or have your own personal fantasy you'd like to see photographed just drop us a message, there is a fair chance the next update we'll be created for you personally.

Shemale sex
Shemale sex

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